Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare Extra Delight


One of the meanings of the word spare is to be minimalist or not decorated. Winter in my part of the world can be very spare with lots of dry brown grass, trees without leaves and little colour, except for the sky which is usually a clear blue. The leafless branch of an acasia tree with only long thorns left against the bright winter sky symbolizes the spareness of winter to me.


Spare can also mean something extra. The bright blue butterfly encountered against the spare pebbles on a walk was an unexpected extra delight.

IMG_1010 spare



Weekly Photo Challenge:Earth Surprise


Nature never ceases to surprise me.

On a recent visit to the South of France we saw the red stone cliffs near the small village of Rouissillon. These cliffs resemble the sand stone formations found in the Eastern Free State South Africa. Thousands of kilometers apart, but yet so similar.

Sandstone formations in the Eastern Free State South Africa


Rock formations in The South of France

Provence 20 earth

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future, the promise of a bride


Future implies a time that will come and the events that will happen during that time.

A wedding holds many promises of such a time, the promise of children, happiness and companionship, growing old together, building memories together, having grand children and so much more.

On a recent visit to Venice Italy I took these picture of a wedding couple right below the bridge of sighs, where legend is that lovers in love sigh in delight when kissing on the bridge or prisoners sigh when having to cross the bridge to the prison on the other side of the canal.

The promise of a bride



There they are


Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

Harmony           The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

Early this morning I picked some flowers for the house in my garden.

Later on as I walked past the flowers on a table  I saw the light coming through the window caused a perfect reflection in the shining wood of the table. The perfect harmony between the real flowers and the reflection made me grab my camera.

Reflections always seem to portray harmony as conditions have to be perfect to form the consistent whole

IMG_9476 harmony  IMG_7488 crop