Vertical gardening, new from old

Recently every gardening magazine I open has some form of vertical gardening project, ranging from gardening vertically in pots against walls, to making interesting plans with wooden pallets, old furniture and even plastic water bottles.

This made me wonder  where it all started.When researching the history of vertical gardening I learnt that this is not something new and vertical gardens in some form or another has been around  for ages. From ancient times as seen in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,  this art has evolved to being part of architectural design today.

Not to be left out, I  looked around me and found my very own version of a vertical garden lying around in the storeroom. I saw  potential in an old wrought iron garden bench which belonged to my mother and set out to create my vertical garden. The bench was put on its side and the back rest as well as armrest were used to attach various containers which I then filled with plants of my choice.  Now it has pride of place outside my kitchen door and provides me with flowers as well as salad greens and herbs.