In the naughty corner!

As I am sitting at my computer, I can hear my daughter’s young Labrador  playing outside with I don’t know what! It sounds like a bucket being thrown, caught, rolled and most of all chewed. We are baby sitting two Labradors and a cat  because my daughter and her husband recently moved to Tanzania from South Africa. The animals are staying with us untill they are settled enough to be transferred. These sounds remind me of the day they were finally sent to the naughty corner!

A week ago on a Friday as I was coming home after a very emotionally draining day looking after my elderly parents,I reached the gate of our property, heaving a sigh of relief. Friday at last, home, relax in the sun with a book and a cup of coffee were my thoughts. Alas this was not to be.

The moment I  unsuspectingly opened the gate I saw a black and white streak going past! O no the dogs are out. As we live in the country there are many exciting places, smells , chickens and unsuspecting workers on their bicycles to be chased. And so the GREAT ESCAPE AND CHASE  was on. The dogs being the escapees and  me in my little dress, leggings and boots being the chaser. It took me the better part of an hour, lots of frustration, fear of them being run over by either a car or a train and eventually the help of various passers by to catch them and get them back into the property!

When I sat down at last with my cup of coffee, I realised life’s like that. Just when we think we have everything controlled and planned, the unexpected happens. Maturity lies in the way we react to the unexpected and sometimes difficult events in life. I try to react with humor, thoughtfulness and wisdom and pray that I will learn from each experience.