Leggings: Stylish or Lollipop?

As winter draws to an end I want to comment on a style which I have seen many a time during the cold months.


Leggings are very comfortable and provide much needed warmth in the colder months, but it can be very unflattering if worn incorrectly even on a younger woman.    Do we older women dare to wear them or not? To me the answer is a resounding yes on certain conditions.

Long knitted top with scarf and leggings

First and foremost is the length  of the tunic or top that we wear with leggings.

A top , tunic or sweater must not be shorter than mid thy preferably even longer.

Leggings look wonderful over a short dress and can even hide flaws of an older figure if worn correctly.                                

Leggings for an older woman look better if not fitting too tightly. It provides a much more vertical line and is slimming.                                                                   

Add structure such as a blazer or jacket with your tunic or dress as  this also hides flaws.                                                                                                                                      

Wear shoes or boots of the same colour as the leggings it adds length and is slimming.

A word of caution:  My daughters always say with my thin legs and apple figure at the top, I look like a lollipop.If the leggings  and top or  tunic are too short or too tight fitting, the lollipop becomes very prominent;  all round top and thin sticklike bottom!! So please fellow over 55’s,  let us not be lollipops, but rather stunning and stylish  wearers of this style.

Read more here: 40plusstyle.com/how-to-wear-leggings-over-40

Walking Update 3

The Beach at Glen Muir  ( Photo from the family website http://www.thekriedemanns.co.za )

This wonderful photo, reminds me of the following verse in Psm 29 : 3,  giving me something to meditate upon while walking on the treadmill.

Psalm 29:3 ( NIV 1984 )
The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters. 

The past week was not the best for me as far as the walking is concerned, due to the fact that I hurt a muscle in the back of my leg last Wednesday by tripping over a loose brick. Still,  after a day’s rest I started walking  again, but in stead of the planned 20 minutes at a time I limited it to 10 minutes per day and walked at a slower pace of 5.5km per hour. It is actually amazing what a big difference there is between walking at 6 or 6.5 km per hour as opposed  to 5 or 5.5 km per hour. In this slow but sure way I covered 5 km  during the week.

The muscle quickly healed and hopefully I will be back on track with walking 20 minutes at 6 km per hour next week, reaching 8 km. during the week

In the mean time I enjoyed my Jikeleza  along a stretch of  beach called the Strandloper  Hiking Trail, a 60km, 4-day hiking trail which  follows in the footsteps of the ancient Khoikhoi and San people,who lived here many years ago. They lived by harvesting the marine resources along the beautiful coastline. The Strandlopers led a very simple life similar to that of the San people.  Read more here.  The Strandlopers 

The map shows how far along the coast I have progressed. As you can see I find myself between towns on a long stretch of sand , where I can  enjoy the solitude and beauty of God’s creation in my imagination.

Is Pàìnnful: Only in Africa

August is organ donor month .  Did you know that one person can save seven lives?  

According to The Organ Donor Foundation (ODF), there are approximately 4,300 South African adults and children awaiting a life-saving organ and cornea transplant. My daughter who is an organ donor by choice recently had the following experience.

As she  had to have  a copy of her ID document certified, she went with her ID and a copy to the nearest Metro Police Offices. The relevant organ donor  sticker is in her ID. ( see the photo below )  On perusal of her ID the Metro Police Officer came across this extra endorsement and wanted to know what it means?

The red organ donor sticker

My daughter explained that if she were to die, for instance in an accident, her organs could be retrieved and used to save another person’s life. The reaction  from the officer was: “Eish  if you are in accident, they cut you when you are cold and take your heart or kidneys ?” Then with much shaking of her head and a very puzzled expression on her face she said: is pàìnnful  !  “
She just could not understand the concept  and kept on repeating ” is pàìnnful!.”  The more my daughter tried to explain that it would only happen if she was already dead, the more she shook her head and said : is pàìnnful!  

Metro Police

Although the  story is quite funny it can have  serious consequences.  My question is:  Shouldn’t a Metro Police Officer  who often  is the first official on an accident scene be trained in and understand the concept of organ donation?  How would such an untrained officer handle the situation and might the window of opportunity to retrieve the organs not be lost due to ignorance? Healthy organs should be transplanted as soon as possible from the donor to the recipient. What use would it then be that my well meaning daughter  went to the trouble to  register as an organ donor?

The L List: Cuppaccino Companions

Friendship is like a good cuppaccino

One of the to do things on my loving list is to cultivate old friendships more and what better way than meeting over a cuppaccino. To me old friendships are like a great cuppaccino; strong, tasty, sweet, a comfort in times of need, fulfilling and always available.

Friendships like these are however hard to come by and need to be cultivated over a period of time. The more we give and invest in a friendship, the stronger it becomes.

A while ago I was involved in a Coffee Tasting and this principle was illustrated when I learnt the amount of  effort and time  involved in cultivating and producing good coffee. The hard work to produce good strong coffee results in a  great cuppaccino. In the same way  the effort invested in friendship  results in  long lasting and very rewarding relationships.

Strong coffee
Taste of friendship 

Do I have friendships like these I asked myself?  Luckily the answer is yes. What a privilege to have friends who have been involved in my life through the early years of marriage, the birth of children, childhood illnesses, teenage tantrums, weddings and now the almost empty nest syndrome and growing older years.

Together with these special friends I loved, lived, laughed,cried, prayed, learnt about life, had fun and many discussions over a cuppaccino. I apologize for the times that I did not show you my appreciation and love and will try to do better in future.

Proverbs 17:17
A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need. (NLT)

Faithful Friends are a Rare Treasure

The A Team: A Plan can still come together!

I Like it when a plan comes together

Who of  us do not remember sitting glued to the TV in the early 1980’s and watching the weird and wonderful exploits of the  members of the A team ? This strange combination of characters seemed invincible and their plans always came together.

During the past week we had our own  A Team  at work and we realized we could still make a plan come together. The only difference is that in this case the  A represented Age! 

Lately one of my colleagues and me have been subjected to more and more pressure from younger professionals working with us who apparently felt that we were not on top of the game any more. I have to admit, taking into  account the type of work that we do, which involves the handling and therapeutic treatment of babies and toddlers with physical disabilities and special needs , the occasional back ache and creaking knee joints did occur. However as both of us are currently more involved in  management this is not such a problem.

Early this week more than one of our team members were ill and as we  had many bookings, especially for new children who needed evaluations, the A Team came to the rescue and the plan did indeed come together!

                                          Youth or experience??????

I want to appeal to all the twenty five to  thirty something  young professionals out there to open your eyes  and see the value of older professionals . Remember  no amount of intellectual training and knowledge beats the value of professional experience,  life experience, skills and the wisdom that passing years bring . There is no other way to gain this precious commodity than the passing of time and practice of a profession. If you know of another way please let me know!

When I researched this phenomenon I, to my dismay, realized that it is by no means only us who experience it.

John Brogden  the chief executive officer of the Financial Services Council of Australia conducted a study into Australia’s age-skewed workplaces and reported on 30 Jan 2012 as follows : I think it’s a number of things. It’s a general view that we’ve taken: we’ve decided that younger workers – their youth, and energy ,and enthusiasm, have a greater value than the experience and skills and wisdom of older workers, and I think that is very short sighted.”

Workplace age discrimination        ( Read more here)

I for one can’t agree with him more! What do you think?

Sophy’s Advice

Sophy on the Gautrain

When we went on our team building trip a few weeks ago, I sat next to, our cleaning lady Sophy on the Gautrain. She was very interested in all the buildings and surrounding countryside that we passed and made many comments. The most priceless one however was the following.

At one stage we passed the buildings of the South African Mint. “Which buildings are those?” She asked. When I explained that it is the South African Mint and that this is the place where money is being produced, her face lit up and she declared: “O, but they don’t work fast enough! They must appoint more people and work in shifts, day and night to produce more money. Then we will all have enough money and can all live comfortably. ( “Ons kan  lekker bly”, she said in  Afrikaans  ) I think we must write a letter to the government and ask them to work faster.”   If only it was that easy, how simple life would be!

South African currency

The downside of this is that these comments gave me insight in the thought processes of the majority of citizens in South Africa. There is very little understanding of the complexities of economics and the running of a country. We have a responsibility to inform and try to educate as many people as we can. So let us start at home with our own domestic workers and other people we have contact with and try to inform and teach as much as we can.

Confessions of a shoe-aholic

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”, Marilyn Monroe.

These words echo the feelings in many a woman’s heart!

Shoes a girl’s best friend

Shoes have become the symbol of success to such an extent that it even takes centre stage in fairytales and major movies. Who of us didn’t dream of being Cinderella, magically becoming a princess and all because of a glass slipper! As for movies, remember “ The Devil wears Prada”,  depicting a powerful women prancing around in her Prada shoes.

I, like many other women love shoes and can’t resist a new pair. Why? I asked myself this question and set out to try and unravel the mystery.

The most compelling reason I came across is this one.  – As the years come and go, women’s clothing size may fluctuate. One year you may be a size 4 and then after a few years of stuffing krispy kreme donuts down your face, you may suddenly be a size 14. But guess what? Your shoe size will stay the same. Chances are if a woman is a size 8 shoe, she will stay a size 8. How great is that?!                Why women love shoes.

I can relate to this, especially as the years  have taken its toll and there is no way that I can fit into the same dress size as many years ago. But oh the shoes!  Still the same size 4, that makes me feel good!

So what kinds of shoes do I like the most? The answer is any kind ; from practical flat pumps or sandals to the blingy, high heel kind that mostly stays in the cupboard and is totally unpractical. The only exception being sports shoes and crocs. Those I find decidedly unattractive and  will not wear them!

The blingy kind

How many pairs of shoes do I own? That is my secret and is not to be revealed!

How many pairs do you own?