Invisible fifties and beyond?

I heard the anecdote about a very stylish woman who suddenly changed and became decidedly frumpy and even outright neglected in her appearance. People started wondering what happened to her, imagining all sorts of horrible things. Was she terminally ill, or maybe depressed, was her husband having an affair?  At last a good friend had the courage to ask her about the change. Her answer was : “But my dear didn’t you know I turned 60 and now I am invisible , it doesn’t matter what I look like any more.”

When I look around me I see many ladies who, I think have this  mindset on growing older. On the other hand I also see those who grow older with style and grace. May I always fit into the second category without becoming obsessed  with outward appearances, but have the grace to grow older, still well groomed and dressed but with inner beauty, peace and wisdom. One such  lady is Hellen Mirren who was nominated the most stylish woman over 50 by  a poll done through a well known UK based clothing company.

I also read in the Mail Online of 24 May2012, that one third of younger women look to older ladies for inspiration on style !   This to me, puts a certain responsibilty on older women. Not only is it our duty to lead younger women in the fashion and style department, but also in all things pertaining to life.  So come fellow over fifty fives. Let us join the rise of the SOFF’s ( Stylish over fifty fives ) and take up our responsibility, which is as old as time itself, as seen in the following verse from the Bible.

                                               Titus 2:4

 These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure.