Stylish over fifty five.

Burgundy blazer with ruffled top and scarf

In a previous blogpost, I mentioned the shift to being stylish when over fifty five. How do we do it you might wonder. I came across many style blogs which give good advice and inspiration on this subject. However as each one of us is unique in both our personality and appearance . Your style must be uniquely you! See yourself as a blank and unique canvas which you must colour in an appropriate way. Then there are many style blogs for women over  50 that give wonderful advice on being stylish.

You can find them here:,, www,

By reading advice I came across the following questions to ask   when trying on new clothes.


Do I feel confident when wearing the outfit?

Do I feel classy, chic, dignified?

Is there a creative touch to what I am wearing that is unique to me?

Do I feel ” young at heart ” in an appropriate manner?

Does it fit my body well, not too tight? or too big?

Let us forget about the size no, but rather look at how the clothes fit your body. 

I have found that I always feel great wearing clothes that has structure, such as a jacket with slacks, or skirt and even jeans. The most favourite items in my cupboard are blazers of any colour that suits me.  Over the years I bought many jackets and blazers which I can change with different blouses, brooches, and scarves. It can be dressed up or down depending on the combination with other pieces and accessories.  These are the latest additions to my cupboard found at end of season sales. I bought two of the same blazers in different colours and will keep them for next season.

Brown knit dress with brick coloured blazer


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