Walking Wednesdays

How many ways do I hate exercise? Too many to count. I hate the sweaty, heart pounding feeling when having to do cardio, the painful pulling of tired muscles, the dry mouth and thirstiness. Most of all I hate a gym. The smell, the atmosphere, the music, the well toned, muscled, non sweaty, non huffing and puffing, beautifully built people with sweatbands, ponytails and designer exercise clothes!!  I have always found it so intimidating, even when I was a young woman. How much more now that I am nearing 60.

The Walking Monster

In spite of this I realise I have to keep fit “ It is good for your health” my husband tells me over and over again . Then the  walking monster appeared in our lives. My dear husband arrived at home one day with an electronic treadmill. No excuses anymore! “Now you and I can exercise in our own home at our own time and pace,” he said.

Still I found it very difficult to start and to keep up the exercise. Now my problem is the boredom! How boring to walk and walk, or even almost run and nowhere to go!

So here is the plan. As we live in beautiful South Africa and there are many areas of our country that I have not yet visited, I will put up a map of an area that I want to explore and travel by foot on the treadmill, marking my progress on the map and with the use of technology ,( google ) I will visit the places I am walking through.

Ready to go!

What about accountability you might ask? How will you keep it up?  By blogging! From now on Wednesdays will be Walking Wednesdays .

Watch this space for the map and first progress report in a week’s time

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