Welcome to my office

These were the words that greeted me when I entered the public bathroom at our local shopping centre. Behind the words, were the cleaning lady and a big smile!

What a wonderful attitude to work this exhibited. There she was, doing the thankless and often unpleasant work of cleaning the bathroom all day long and still she could greet every person who entered with a smile and with humour. The reaction to her friendliness were varied, from being totally ignored to one lady thanking her for the ” interview ” in her office!

This experience made me think about my own attitude to work. How often do I go to work thinking I don’t want to go, or I don’t feel like facing the same people and the same problems again today. Rather than having such an attitude I must adopt the same joyful attitude as the cleaning lady. After all we are taught in Collosians 3:23 , that we must do everything as if doing it for the Lord.
Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people.