In Good Company?

You might remember I mentioned in a previous post that I have been dealt some very rocky and sticky chocolate days lately. My mother’s health has been steadily deteriorating and the physical and emotional stress that I experience because of this has been mounting.

To find a way to  decompress the stress and relax at night before going to bed was a very big challenge for me. Then my sister unwittingly presented me with the solution. She gave me a pair of handknitted mittens as a present and also showed me how to knit them.

The very next day found me sitting in bed knitting away just before going to sleep. The steady clicking of the needles, the feeling of the soft wool in my hands, the beautiful colours and the concentration it took not to miss or loose the stitches, were so relaxing that I continued knitting. Now I am the owner of a mountain of mittens in various colours and sizes. Well, I thought, I have presents for next winter for everyone in my family and my sanity is intact!

I was surprised to find that I am not alone in finding knitting relaxing. Go to   to see in whose famous company I find myself.


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