Walking Update 1

After much thought and research I decided to go to the Wildcoast for my first stretch of walking. I will walk the Jikeleza route from Gonubie in East London to Chefane a distance of about 25 km.  Jikeleza means to wander or meander in Zulu and I intend to do just that, stopping at various places of interest along the way.

Wildcoast Jikeleza Map

It was a bit difficult to determine the exact distances, and I worked with the above scaled map, following the red dotted line along the coast. I walked 4 times this week for 15 minutes @ 6km per hour,which means I walked 6 km.  So little? you might think. For me it was quite an achievement.

So first stop was at theDriftwood Studios an artgalley and studio which offers accommodation and studio space to artists. It also offers accommodation for tourists.

The next stop was at the Albatros Studio, situated near to Sunrise Beach. In my mind’s eye, I spent time on the beautiful beach watching the sun shimmering  on blue seas. Hope you enjoyed my adventure with me  and will join me again next Wednesday.

Albatros Studio Accommodation

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