A spark neglected makes a mighty fire

A Mighty Fire
Flames higher than the trees

I saw this saying so well illustrated on Friday afternoon. It is the end of winter and the veld  is very dry, add to that a little spark and the customary August winds and the result is a mighty fire!

On Friday afternoon as we were having coffee and a late afternoon chat our neighbour phoned to inform us that the veld adjacent to our home is burning. Experience has taught us that the best course of action when the fire is allready raging is:  No action! So we set out to keep an eye on the fire in case it becomes a danger to our home. Veld fires in our area are usually started by a cigarette butt thrown carelessly away .

Truly a spark neglected that starts a mighty fire.

While watching the fire with my camera on hand I took a few photos and was again awed by the power of the fire to consume everything in its path.

The desolation after the fire

However I know that the veld has an amazing ability to recover and needs only one rainshower to sprout beautiful new shoots of grass with a tender green colour.

Life is the same. We often feel consumed by the fire of a life experience, be it the death of a loved one, a big disappointment, loss of a job, health problems or a dream that failed.

Take courage  and look out for that one rain shower, or as the bird below wait for the little insects of hope to give us courage again. 

A hopeful bird waiting for insects after the fire

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