A Laugh a Day: Only in Africa

Only in Africa

One of the things listed on my L List is to find something to laugh about every day. Since consciously cultivating this attitude, I realised, if I am more observant there are many things around me that deserve a chuckle  on a daily basis.

One Monday as I was leaving work round about midday, I saw to my amazement a washing line strung between the stop sign and the lamppost on a street corner in Lynnwood Pretoria. There it was,  with a newly washed overall in the wellknown orange of the Municipality gaily flapping in the wind while the owner of the clothes was taking a nap underneath the line, clothed in only his underclothes! It was lunchtime after all!

The culprit was a municipal worker who was busy repairing a water pipe in one of the upper class  suburbs of Pretoria. I phoned my co-workers and we all had a good laugh. Unfortunately the classy residents did not find the incident funny and it caused quite an uproar.

I wondered what circumstances the launderer lived in. Maybe he has no running water at home and this was the only opportunity he had to wash his clothes!