Walking Update 2

Can’t miss the map on the wall
Week 1 and 2 marked on the map

It is  Wednesday again and time to report on week 2 of my walking project. I am happy to say that I kept to  my schedule of walking 4 times per week for 15 minutes. I must confess that I am  totally intimidated by the idea of having to report I didn’t make it. So the accountability seems to be working! Add to that the fact that 15 minutes is beginning to feel  easier, with less heartpounding and aching legs. I will try to reach 20 minutes walking by next week and will report back here.

This week I reached the Kwelera  River Mouth and  found it to be such a beautiful place that I decided to take a short detour along the riverbanks to the various resorts and fishing spots. The Kwelera River is an untouched estuarine system that holds some very big Kob and Spotted Grunter and is a popular spot with fisherman.

The Kwelera river mouth

I read that there is a 6km hiking trail between Sunrise-on -Sea and the Kwelera River Mouth.  The trail leads along the banks of the river at low tide, so timing is of essence if one wants to walk along the beach.  A footpath allows access up the western bank giving a full view of the landscape carved through the sandstone. I walked this trail on my treadmill keeping the beautiful pictures that I have seen on various websites in mind.

Upper Kwelera River

Read more about this beautiful place here:   Kwelera River Mouth       Kwelera Nature reserve