Confessions of a shoe-aholic

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”, Marilyn Monroe.

These words echo the feelings in many a woman’s heart!

Shoes a girl’s best friend

Shoes have become the symbol of success to such an extent that it even takes centre stage in fairytales and major movies. Who of us didn’t dream of being Cinderella, magically becoming a princess and all because of a glass slipper! As for movies, remember “ The Devil wears Prada”,  depicting a powerful women prancing around in her Prada shoes.

I, like many other women love shoes and can’t resist a new pair. Why? I asked myself this question and set out to try and unravel the mystery.

The most compelling reason I came across is this one.  – As the years come and go, women’s clothing size may fluctuate. One year you may be a size 4 and then after a few years of stuffing krispy kreme donuts down your face, you may suddenly be a size 14. But guess what? Your shoe size will stay the same. Chances are if a woman is a size 8 shoe, she will stay a size 8. How great is that?!                Why women love shoes.

I can relate to this, especially as the years  have taken its toll and there is no way that I can fit into the same dress size as many years ago. But oh the shoes!  Still the same size 4, that makes me feel good!

So what kinds of shoes do I like the most? The answer is any kind ; from practical flat pumps or sandals to the blingy, high heel kind that mostly stays in the cupboard and is totally unpractical. The only exception being sports shoes and crocs. Those I find decidedly unattractive and  will not wear them!

The blingy kind

How many pairs of shoes do I own? That is my secret and is not to be revealed!

How many pairs do you own?

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