The A Team: A Plan can still come together!

I Like it when a plan comes together

Who of  us do not remember sitting glued to the TV in the early 1980’s and watching the weird and wonderful exploits of the  members of the A team ? This strange combination of characters seemed invincible and their plans always came together.

During the past week we had our own  A Team  at work and we realized we could still make a plan come together. The only difference is that in this case the  A represented Age! 

Lately one of my colleagues and me have been subjected to more and more pressure from younger professionals working with us who apparently felt that we were not on top of the game any more. I have to admit, taking into  account the type of work that we do, which involves the handling and therapeutic treatment of babies and toddlers with physical disabilities and special needs , the occasional back ache and creaking knee joints did occur. However as both of us are currently more involved in  management this is not such a problem.

Early this week more than one of our team members were ill and as we  had many bookings, especially for new children who needed evaluations, the A Team came to the rescue and the plan did indeed come together!

                                          Youth or experience??????

I want to appeal to all the twenty five to  thirty something  young professionals out there to open your eyes  and see the value of older professionals . Remember  no amount of intellectual training and knowledge beats the value of professional experience,  life experience, skills and the wisdom that passing years bring . There is no other way to gain this precious commodity than the passing of time and practice of a profession. If you know of another way please let me know!

When I researched this phenomenon I, to my dismay, realized that it is by no means only us who experience it.

John Brogden  the chief executive officer of the Financial Services Council of Australia conducted a study into Australia’s age-skewed workplaces and reported on 30 Jan 2012 as follows : I think it’s a number of things. It’s a general view that we’ve taken: we’ve decided that younger workers – their youth, and energy ,and enthusiasm, have a greater value than the experience and skills and wisdom of older workers, and I think that is very short sighted.”

Workplace age discrimination        ( Read more here)

I for one can’t agree with him more! What do you think?

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