Leggings: Stylish or Lollipop?

As winter draws to an end I want to comment on a style which I have seen many a time during the cold months.


Leggings are very comfortable and provide much needed warmth in the colder months, but it can be very unflattering if worn incorrectly even on a younger woman.    Do we older women dare to wear them or not? To me the answer is a resounding yes on certain conditions.

Long knitted top with scarf and leggings

First and foremost is the length  of the tunic or top that we wear with leggings.

A top , tunic or sweater must not be shorter than mid thy preferably even longer.

Leggings look wonderful over a short dress and can even hide flaws of an older figure if worn correctly.                                

Leggings for an older woman look better if not fitting too tightly. It provides a much more vertical line and is slimming.                                                                   

Add structure such as a blazer or jacket with your tunic or dress as  this also hides flaws.                                                                                                                                      

Wear shoes or boots of the same colour as the leggings it adds length and is slimming.

A word of caution:  My daughters always say with my thin legs and apple figure at the top, I look like a lollipop.If the leggings  and top or  tunic are too short or too tight fitting, the lollipop becomes very prominent;  all round top and thin sticklike bottom!! So please fellow over 55’s,  let us not be lollipops, but rather stunning and stylish  wearers of this style.

Read more here: 40plusstyle.com/how-to-wear-leggings-over-40

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