In the Naughty Corner Again? Not me You!

The daddy and mommy to be

                                                     Chilly’s thoughts:

 No not me this time. This time my owner or temporary caregiver   ( meaning  the blogger )  is in the naughty corner !

I was just being who I am made to be and in the process I am going to become a Daddy ! Whoopee!!!! 

You might remember that my daughter’s animals, two dogs and a cat stayed with us for a while before  joining them in Tanzania. Well after two months they were finally collected and flown to Dar es Salaam to join them.  The animals arrived safely, but in the meantime back in South Africa we have a legacy due to their stay with us! On Saturday last week as I was going to hang washing on the line, I saw to my utter shock and amazement that our not so young  female labrador seemed alarmingly fat and possibly to put it politely with puppy or in this case probably puppies!

The reason why I was so shocked is that due to a serious illness as a puppy, we were under the impression that our dog was sterile. She never came on heat properly and we were blissfully unaware of the possibility of her having puppies. I called my husband to come and give the final verdict. Untill today he enjoys telling everyone about my shocked state.  After due examination we came to the conclusion that she is indeed going to have puppies and not too far in the future too.

As we have bred with Labradors before we know the drill and what to expect and typically after the initial shock we are now eagerly and excitedly awaiting the arrival of the newcomers to our family!

Look at my tummy !

I will keep you posted on the progress .

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