Grieving in the Sad Corner

The picture of sadness

She looked at me with such sadness and incomprehension in her eyes from where she was lying, totally out of character, on my best white couch. She just returned from hospital and I was looking for her when I found her there.  She is a Golden Labrador and lost her litter of puppies at full term. O the sadness of a grieving mother! If I ever doubted that animals grieve the loss of a loved companion or puppies, I now know, they grieve as much as human beings do.

You might remember the post announcing the joy with which we were awaiting the arrival of the unexpected puppies. ( In the Naughty Corner Again 02/09/2012 ) Sadly they all died before being born and she had to have an operation to remove the foetuses. Now here she was, sore, sad and seemingly lonely. Where would she turn for comfort? Where we all turn. In times of sadness and crises there is no one like a mother and that is exactly where I found her next, lying tucked in behind her mother’s back with her head resting on  her rump. For days now they have been sleeping in this position and slowly she is regaining her strength and joy of living.  I look forward to the day when she will be back to eating, barking and joyfully welcoming me back from work.

Comfort in a mother’s touch
On the way to recovery

Maybe we should  learn from the way in which these two animals coped with their loss. They set aside the time to grieve but also time to be together without words just connecting by touch and allowing time to heal the wounds.