Scarves : Fashion Statement or Necessity

  Audrey Hepburn once said:

‘When I wear a silk scarf I feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.’


  Silk scarf icons 

How I love the feeling of a smooth silky scarf running through my fingers, or the soft, warm and cozy feeling of a woolen scarf around my neck on a cold and dark winter morning. Add to that the feeling of a pashmina thrown over shivery shoulders on a windy day and the flutter of a thin colourful cotton scarf in the breeze added to a simple summer outfit!

Clearly to me scarves are both necessity and fashion statement !

Throughout the ages scarves have been worn both as fashion statement and necessity ranging from the Egyptian queen Nefertiti who wore a finely woven scarf topped by a conical headdress, to the ancient Romans who wore a linen kerchief or “sudarium” (Latin for “sweat cloth”) knotted around the waist or around the neck.

There are many more examples but the one I find most amusing is this. I used to think those daring young men in their flying  machines during the First World War, wore their long silk scarves with goggles and leather jackets to add to their dashing and daring image. Turns out to be not the case! The silk scarf was a necessity, used to wipe the grease from the windshield and goggles to ensure better visibility. There goes my romantic idea of these  dashing young men, sacrificed to necessity !

The dashing and daring pilot figure
The romantisized version!

Having to pack away my collection of winter scarves is one of the few reasons why I regret saying goodbye to winter and hallo to summer.

So before I pack them away here are a few of my favourites .

Chiffon square dating from the 1980’s
One for warmth
Bright colours for winter
Summery flowers