The L List: Wannabe Picasso

Tools of the trade

One of the things on my living list is to learn to paint. I took the plunge a while ago keeping in mind the words of a wonderful older lady. At the age of 80 plus she still paints and says: ” If I am  feeling  out of sorts I paint. After transferring all the feelings onto the canvas, I throw it away as it has served its purpose” ( In Afrikaans she said: ” Ek verf al my geite weg en dan gooi ek dit weg!” )

I thought if she could approach painting in such a way so can I.  After all it doesn’t matter if the painting isn’t perfect.  So there I was, everything ready staring at a blank canvas! What  an intimidating and scary feeling. No classes yet, just me, the paint, the canvas and the brushes.If I don’t try I will never know whether I can do it.

My youngest daughter had art as subject at school and she gave me basic ideas. The first few  canvasses did indeed end in the  trash! It looked horrible. Not only did I mix the wrong colours together, ending with sick looking greys and  greeny browns but the perspectives were quite wrong. Nevertheless, I enjoyed messing around with the paint and brushes and resolved to try again.

After many trials and stops and starts, I at last painted something which was more or less acceptible, not yet hang on the wall acceptible but at least not the throw away immediately type.

I still think I need to attend art classes and it stays firmly on my to do living list