Walking Update 5

Cefani Mouth at sunrise
Cefani Mouth Resort

Photos from the  website of  Cefani Mouth Resort

Five weeks ago I stared out on  my walking project and I must confess I wondered whether I would make it to Chefane. Now here I am !!! I really did stick to the walking and I learnt a lot about this wonderful part of the South African coastline. One thing I learnt about myself is that I am generally physically a bit ( yes more than just a bit) lazy. I would much rather read a book or do something creative with my hands than exercise. However the idea of  being able to research another destination to walk to, combined with my  fear of failure motivated me and after five weeks I think I have established  a pattern.

During the five weeks I covered a distance of 30 km as I made a slight detour inland in week 4. Now after having reached the first goal I decided to go to Morgan Bay and the Kei Mouth area as I saw that there are many wonderful and interesting places  to visit.In the next few weeks I will slowly make my way along the coast. I am looking forward to my next few weeks and the adventures I will experience albeit only in my imagination.

Morgans Bay and Kei Mouth Map

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