Those were the Days

My mom and a friend in the 1960’s

Those were the days when ladies dressed in hats and gloves with matching shoes and handbags  to go to a morning ladies tea.

Those were the days when little girls were dressed in short dresses with white socks, patent leather shoes and big bows in their hair.

Those were the days when I was  ten years old  and wished I could grow up quickly so I could dress up too.

Those were the days when even going shopping was an occasion to wear a hat and gloves.

Those were the days when our family went  on a flight with an  airplane for the first time and we dressed accordingly.

Those were the days  when we grew up and became teenagers, of the late 60’s and early 70’s

Those were  the days of  Friday night teenage parties ,wearing swing dresses (hastily sewed during the week ) and boldly coloured earrings.

We used patterns like these to sew dresses for Friday night’s party

Those were the days   of practicing for hours on end with giggling friends to do the twist while playing seven singles on the recordplayer.

Those were the days of dreaming about that first kiss.

Those were the days of listening to the music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley,the Beach Boys and many more.

Those were the days  when we wore Midi dresses and  hats when going to church.

The Midi dress

Those were the days we thought would never end, but end they did and life moved on, to new experiences and memories of  which I will share more.