Weekly writing challenge, mail it in: It All Starts With the Start Button Mom! Does It ?

Hi Son,

I trust you are well and keeping up with the latest technological developments so that you can come home and ( allthough somewhat reluctantly ) be your parents’ ” in house tech support”.  

I would not be a mother if I didn’t throw in a few words of caution here, so I ask your forgiveness, but I have to ask you  to please refrain from  spending too many hours playing online computer games and neglecting your studies! Are you eating enough healthy food and sleeping enough? At home we are all well but we miss  you everyday.

Now to the real reason for my e mail.

Do you remember when you taught me to work on a computer? You tried many times to demonstrate the basics of computer literacy to me by typing at lightning speed and click clicking the mouse here and there, magically making things appear and disappear on the screen.  I could however not grasp the concept, as  your fingers moved too fast for my eyes and the steps went by too quickly to process and make it my own.

It all starts wit the start button

Then one day you said with some exasperation in your voice : ” Mom remember it all starts with the start button!! “ Those words were the best advice you could give me.  After that I could always find my way around if I first found the start button  and then logically followed the prompts of the software programme .

Now I have a new problem, which I have to ask you about as I feel too intimidated by the “techies “ at the shop.They might just  think I am totally clueless and wasting their time.

To my surprise and joy I received an e bookreader as a promotional gift, with my new upgraded cellphone. As you can imagine I was very impressed  since an e bookreader has been on my wishlist for a long time. At home, I eagerly opened the package to discover a thin sophisticated looking device with a touch screen. When I switched it on various  little pictures appeared , but I couldn’t find the  start button to send me on my discovery journey.

The e bookreader with touch screen

Add to this the fact that I  find operating the touch screen very challenging! I touch and nothing happens , I touch again and everything changes in such a way that I haven’t the faintest idea what I have done to make it happen, nor do I know how to get back to where I was. I can’t access the books I so eagerly want to read and if I by accident do access it, the screen suddenly goes dark.

I hope you understand my frustration! I have this wonderful new toy but no idea how to operate and enjoy it. Yes I know  you are thinking ” read the manual. ” I tried, however there is so little information it is of no value to me.   I find this new  technology exceedingly exasperating and  desperately need my ” in house techie”  to help!

The ideal, e bookreader and my glasses ready to enjoy!

So my dear son, could you please come home this weekend  and help your  desperate mother to master yet another technological wonder. I promise to cook your favourite meal in return for your assistance.

Waiting  eagerly to hear from you .

Love you lots,


Walking Update 6

This week I managed 8 km again!

I think, no I know there are many out there who would snicker behind their hands at my achievement. Those who run or walk 10km or more per day would not be able to comprehend the mountainous achievement that 8 km is for me.

Anyway I don’t mind what others think of my efforts, I know what it means to me and therefore I will continue on my slow but sure way and have fun too.

Kei River Pont

This week I started out at the Kei River where I travelled with the pont one of only two car ferries  in South Africa  across the mighty Kei River to  the village of Kei Mouth. I the visited the Hazel Jefferies Shell museum as I have always been fascinated by shells of any kind.

Shell at the Museum

Then I walked along the coast line to the Qolora River Mouth. My goal was the wreck of the Jacaranda. On the night of 18 September 1971 the ship Jacaranda stranded here in windy stormy seas when her engines failed. As she was a cargo ship, only the captain, his wife and 14 crew members were on board.   They abandoned ship using a rope ladder which they strung from the ship’s prow to the nearby rocks. I had to pass a few cows relaxing on the beach ( a rare sight indeed) to reach the wreck of which only the bow remains today.

Jacaranda Shipwreck at Qolora
Cows on the Beach

Photos from this link:  Qolora Eastern Cape 

Then it was on to the Trennerys Hotel which I should reach by next week