Walking Update 6

This week I managed 8 km again!

I think, no I know there are many out there who would snicker behind their hands at my achievement. Those who run or walk 10km or more per day would not be able to comprehend the mountainous achievement that 8 km is for me.

Anyway I don’t mind what others think of my efforts, I know what it means to me and therefore I will continue on my slow but sure way and have fun too.

Kei River Pont

This week I started out at the Kei River where I travelled with the pont one of only two car ferries  in South Africa  across the mighty Kei River to  the village of Kei Mouth. I the visited the Hazel Jefferies Shell museum as I have always been fascinated by shells of any kind.

Shell at the Museum

Then I walked along the coast line to the Qolora River Mouth. My goal was the wreck of the Jacaranda. On the night of 18 September 1971 the ship Jacaranda stranded here in windy stormy seas when her engines failed. As she was a cargo ship, only the captain, his wife and 14 crew members were on board.   They abandoned ship using a rope ladder which they strung from the ship’s prow to the nearby rocks. I had to pass a few cows relaxing on the beach ( a rare sight indeed) to reach the wreck of which only the bow remains today.

Jacaranda Shipwreck at Qolora
Cows on the Beach

Photos from this link:  Qolora Eastern Cape 

Then it was on to the Trennerys Hotel which I should reach by next week

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