Portrait of a Dad

How do I capture the essence of a man who was my father, dad, friend, councilor and role model in a few words? I don’t think I can, but nevertheless I will try.

He was tall and  handsome with bright blue eyes which always twinkled with merriment and mischief. His eyes shone with intelligence and his heart was filled with love and joy of living. He could find pleasure in the smallest things and seemed to enjoy every aspect of life. Professionally, he was a businessman, intellectual and farmer, but  his real passion was farming.He loved his vegetable garden, fruit trees and above all his stud of Brahman cattle. He was a people person and was equally at home in the circles of highly placed people and in the homes of his farmworkers whom he visited regularly.

This picture shows the essence of the man loving and full of fun! 

What did his life teach me?

He taught me the meaning of  love. When asked what he would like for a birthday present, he brought me an old fashioned empty match box and    said: ” only this box filled with love!”

He taught me to reason without becoming too emotionally involved as emotions cloud our ability to think clearly.

He taught me the importance of  family and good relationships.

He taught me to have goals and actively strive to reach these goals.

He taught me that success only follows hard work and that no work is beneath  my dignity.

He taught me to have fun and find joy in small things.

He taught me never to look back, but to persevere and try new avenues if I reached a dead end.

He taught me never to stop learning new skills.

He taught me to live life fully every day.

He taught me respect for other people, their beliefs and way of living.

He lived for 95 years of which the last 14 was as an invalid. He died and we buried him yesterday, knowing that the most important relationship in his life that with Jesus Christ was intact and that he will spend eternity in the presence of God.I will miss him terribly but know  we will meet again.

Maybe he has more to teach me, this time about eternal life.