Walking Update 8

After going through a week of upheaval and being totally out of my normal routine, life is slowly returning to  the ordinary again.Today I started my walking on the tread mill routine again and walked for 15 minutes. It is amazing how quickly one looses the fitness reached, but I am told that  I will pick it up again faster than before.

I am still wandering around in the Eastern Cape, on the long stretch of the Wild Coast between Kei Mouth and Mazeppa Bay. You might remember that  although I walk on the treadmill in my home, I put up a map on the wall and  in my mind’s eye I am visiting places of interest along this beautiful part of the South African Coast. This is the only way that I can tolerate the boredom of walking on the treadmill for excercise. It gives me the incentive to walk, as I can then do some desk travel on the internet.

On this part of the coast I came across a little gem of a family hotel and holiday destination called Trennery’s.( photos from this website ) 

Horse riding on the beach
Eastern Cape culture

I undertake to walk more this coming week and to update with more of my wanderings along the coast.

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