Walking Update 9

This week I am well on track with the walking again. I managed my goal of three walking sessions during the week.

As I found myself on a  deserted and undeveloped stretch of coastline, I cheated a little bit and skipped this part  to start my walk at the beautiful Kob Inn near Mazeppa bay.

The Beautiful Kob Inn in Transkei

My research revealed a very attractive hiking trail to someone like me  who doesn’t like camping, called the Hotel Hopping Trail. The Hotel Hopping Trail is described as a luxury slackpacking trail. This hike apparently does not require a great measure of fitness and allows time to wander and enjoy the environment.Hikers walk during the day from one hotel to another and spend the night sleeping at a hotel.   The hiking distances between the hotels are not very far, allowing time for a leisurely lunch and a swim along way. Best of all the hikers do not carry their own luggage as it is transferred between hotels. Sounds like just the kind of hike that I will enjoy! Read more here: Hotel- Hopping Trail