The L List: Living!

Time is nearing for us to to tick another one of the to do things on my L List! ( see post 17/08/12 )

We are going to visit our children in Tanzania!

First there was the trip to the travel clinic to be injected  against diseases I didn’t even think still existed.The earnest travel doctor warned against drinking tap water, eating any uncooked foods, no salad??? , fruit only if peeled, and take your malaria pills please.

Is he trying to scare us and spoil the excitement? It certainly feels like it. Four injections each and a sore arm later it is done. Definitely not  recommended for anyone who has aichmophobia.( Fear of needles )

1,2,3,4 of these

We leave the Travel Clinic armed with  the all important Yellow Card .

” If you don’t have it with you, you will be injected right there at the airport before being allowed into the country “, the pessimistic doctor warns.

I can’t help but wonder whether he sees us as old and incapable to issue such warnings.

Next step is to obtain an entry visa, so I phone the High Commission of Tanzania and is informed to come prepared with a photo as well as proof of payment, the amount of which changes every week according to the exchange rate .

The visit to the Tanzanian  High Commission  is painless and easy and within  hours we are set to go! All we need now is for another few days to pass and then we will be off on our African adventure!

For the next two weeks, I will not be writing posts but I am sure I will bring back many photos and stories on our adventure!