The L List Living: Three B’s Boat, Bongoyo and Bjaj

Day three in Dar es Salaam:  1 November 2012

The early morning air already holds the promise of heat to come. It is a beautiful sunny day and the water of the Indian Ocean is an incredible shimmery blue.  Today we are on our way to Bongoyo Island for the day.

Bongoyo is a small undeveloped island just a short boat trip from Dar es Salaam and is situated in a marine reserve. More information here Bongoyo Island 

We board the small motorised boat and I feign nonchalance but my heart is beating fast and my breathing is shallow, the result of my fear of boats in general. My desire to experience this trip however overrides my fear and once we are on the way, to my surprise, I actually enjoy the calm trip across the bay.

We are transferred from the boat by a smaller vessel taking us to the shallow water from where we have to wade to the shore.

We reach the island and are greeted by white sand, a few shade umbrellas made from woven palm fronds, a friendly Karibo to Bongoyo and a feeling of utter peace. We spend the morning reading, swimming, walking along the beach and just enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Lunch is freshly caught fish, cleaned and prepared, then fried on the beach on an open fire by the friendly locals. The fish is accompanied by fried chips and luke warm coke straight from the bottle. A no frills, but delicious lunch.

Late afternoon we return to the mainland and complete this magical day by taking a Bjaj home. A cheap local form of transport available everywhere.

Thus the three B day is complete!