Walking Update 11: Coffee Bay

Image credit : Coffee Bay

About a month has passed since my previous walking update and I need to resume my excersize programme and start walking again. Just a reminder, as to the reason for these  posts.I find excercising extremely boring, therefore I decided to walk along the beautiful Wild Coast In South Africa in my imagination. After putting up a map of the area on the wall, I started walking at Gonubie, East London and have now reached Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast. Wednesdays are walking update days to keep me going and accountable!

When we were on our travels in Tanzania, I was thrilled and amazed to realize that my walking has had good results. We had to walk quite a bit and even climb a very steep path from the beach house The Bean down to the beach and back up again. I could manage the steep path without having to rest, unlike on our previous holiday when I could not walk up a steep hill without being totally out of breath.

So back to the walking monster I go!

The Walking Monster

In my previous walking update I found myself in the vicinity of the Dwesa and Cweba game reserves. Between these two places and Coffee Bay lies a long deserted stretch of beach, so I decided to skip this area and resume walking at Coffee Bay.

I will report on my progress again next week.