The L List Living:Paradise Found!

Day five Dar es Salaam : 3 November 2012

Imagine bumping along a small dusty road seemingly on the way to nowhere. Suddenly, a gate and  a red clad Masaai complete with a vicious looking knife appears to open it. He takes off at a trot beckoning us to follow him through the bush. The path opens and there it is, a big yellow and blue house sitting on the edge of a cliff with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.

The house known as The Bean due to its shape, is situated on the farm Ras Kiroko and boasts its own stretch of unspoilt beach. After unpacking, we walk to the beach down a steep winding footpath through dense bush, past a sign proclaiming Danger Python Crossing! The path suddenly opens spilling us unto the deserted beach.

The house is well equipped and relies solely on solar and windpower for all its electricity needs. The windows have only mosquito mesh to let in the fresh sea  breeze.

We spent a few days here relaxing, swimming, walking along the beach,gathering beautiful shells and enjoying the company of our family.

This weekend was the last of our stay in Tanzania. We will however be back next year to explore more of this country.

Truly a paradise found! 

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