Lipstick, a Girl’s Best Friend!

“Hold on a moment while I find a pen to write down the  number.”

How many times have I heard my mother in law say this to me.

Then much later.

” I can’t find my pen now but I am ready to write I found my lipstick! ” 

This made me think about the meaning of  this little tube  filled  with a combination of wax, pigments and oil to women from toddlers to grannies

A toddler sees  a lipstick and thinks “Ah  a nice wet crayon in a tube!”

Hence, beautiful art work on walls which becomes a source of tears and frustration to all concerned. I am sure every mother has at least one lipstick on walls or windows story to tell.

lipstick 2

At five years old she is  playing house with her dolls and friends and  applies lipstick to her lips, although it mostly misses the mark and her face becomes a grotesque mask of red patches. Even the dolls and maybe the cat is painted with lipstick too.


At ten years old, the not so small girl starts dreaming of  owning her first lipstick and going on a date.

At thirteen years old she buys her first lipstick with pocket money and as her mom refuses to let her apply it, ” you are too young” she hears,  applies it  secretly in the public bathroom at the movies, together with giggling friends.

At sixteen years old, her lipstick makes her feel o so glamorous and ready to conquer the world of dating.

In her twenties her lipstick is her mark of confidence to step into the adult and professional world .

Then comes marriage and motherhood and her lipstick is used to hide fatigue due to sleepless nights and to remedy dry lips while rushing around in in her mad mad world. Maybe once in a while she finds the energy to write a love note to her husband on the bathroom mirror.

In her middle ages she tries to hide ever increasing wrinkles around her mouth with a soft pink lipstick. No red for her anymore!

In old age the lipstick becomes either a remedy for dry lips or  handy pen !


What would we do without  our trusty lipstick?


2 thoughts on “Lipstick, a Girl’s Best Friend!

  1. This post is lovely. I am one of the ones using lipstick to “hide fatigue due to sleepless nights and to remedy dry lips while rushing around”.
    I am now inspired me to buy some cheap lipstick for my daughters these holidays. My lipstick will certainly thank me for it, and I will try to turn a blind eye to the mess.

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