A Blog’s Life. Is It Alive?

On the 18th July 2012 a blog named purpleviolas was born and I became the nervous mom of a new kind of life.

As any new mom I was clueless and didn’t understand how to cope with  this new baby, nor did I know what the future held for me and this new “bloglife” which I created. So in my ignorance, I jumped into the world of blogging and started writing.

The first time I hit the “publish” button my heart was beating uncontrollably and my hands were sweaty with fear. On the one hand there was fear of the readers out there and on the other fear that no one will want to read what I have to say.  They might even laugh at me, a fifty plusser, trying to join the age of electronic media.

I had to learn about links, pings, tags, referrers, comments, followers, social media publishing, adding media to the blogposts, drafts, stats and many more.
Computer lady

Time went by and my new baby, purpleviolas developed her own identity and even a will of her own!

She made me more aware of the world around me and nudged me to write about my observations on daily life. She became a  different kind of blog than the one I initially envisaged, as I wrote more about my personal experiences and feelings than was the plan.  She was there to support me and help me come to terms with the death of my father and the terminal illness of my mother. She shared in the joys of travelling and visiting my children in a faraway land.

She even, to my amazement, has a few followers and earned a few clicks on the “like” button.

Sometimes she exasperated me when I wanted to write on a subject and she hid the words that I was looking for to express my feelings and thoughts, while at other times she provided me with easily flowing ideas to convey my message.

Now a few months later, I am looking forward to my journey with her into the future. I know we will have many good and bad times together as I grow older and she matures and  maybe even becomes ” master of her own domain.” ( I still have to figure out what that means! )

Does your blog also seem to have a life and identity of her own ?

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