Confessions of an Armchair Walker

Few people may have noticed that I neglected to update my walking progress the past few weeks. When I started blogging and added the walking update posts I promised myself that I will be honest and not cheat on this aspect. So here is my confession!

There has been no walking for at least three to four weeks, actually I lost track of the time.

Now, I can offer many excuses such as:

My aching knee and hip joints prevent me from walking for exercise.

I am too busy with end of year activities.

I am simply too tired.

My mother’s illness and the amount of time I spend with her. prevent me from walking.

All of them valid, but not all convincing. The actual truth is, I am lazy and once I broke the routine I find it so difficult to start again. In the meantime I was armchair walking and still researched the wonderful area of the Eastern Cape where I was at the time of my previous update.

Today I wish I was here instead of in a rainy Pretoria surrounded by stacks of work which have to be finished before the long awaited summer holidays starts.


In the Coffee Bay area this natural wonder called The Hole in the Wall can be found. When reading about it, I learned that the indigenous Xhosa people have another name for this place . They call it ” izi Khaleni ” ( place of thunder)  because at certain times of the year waves crash through the hole so violently that the sound it makes, is like thunder. Apart from the scientific explanation that the waves have been eating away at the soft rock layers in the cliff face to form this almost perfect hole, there are many legends surrounding this amazing place.

Hole-in-The-Wall (1)

Photo credit:…/hole-in-the-wall/photos

My favourite is this one:

The Xhosa people have a far more intriguing story to tell. Their local legend tells the tale of a young girl who lived in a small village near the sea. Near her village was a landlocked lagoon that was blocked from the ocean by a sheer cliff face. Her people often told stories of people who lived in the sea, completely human except for supple wrists and flipper-like hands and feet.

One day, while walking near her village, the young girl spotted one of these semi-deities. The sea-person was struck by the human girl’s beauty and was determined to win her heart. But the people of the village were aghast at the idea of the match and the girl’s father forbade her to ever see him again.

Deeply offended by the villagers’ reactions, the sea people vowed to help the young lovers be together. One night, as the tide rose, they gathered on the ocean-side of the cliff-face. With the help of a huge fish, they repeatedly rammed the rock until they broke through. All of the sea people swam through into the lagoon, singing and shouting with joy.

The villagers hid in fear and the young girl and her lover took the  opportunity to disappear into the night – never to be seen again. Some people say that you can still hear the singing and joyous cries of the sea people if the wind blows exactly right…

Information found here: Legend of Hole in the Wall

After reading this romantic legend I now have to return to reality and work!

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