Dung Beetle Days.

The early morning sun shines brightly on the grass still wet from last night’s rain. As I walk across the lawn with my basket of  laundry on the way to hang it out to dry, I almost step on him. There he is, diligently rolling his ball of dung across the grass shoots which are higher than he is  towards who knows where?

Dung B ed

I stop and stare, amazed at the speed with which this little  beetle rolls the enormous ball of dung over great obstacles in his way.

Dung beetles are vitally important to the environment as they clean up the majority of dung during the summer season. When they disappear for their winter sleep termites take over the  job of cleaning.There are many different species of dung beetle. The little chap which I encountered is a rolling dung beetle or one of the telecoprids. They usually clean up the dung of herbivores, in our case most probably that of our neighbour’s sheep

Two beetles, a male and a female create the ball, with the male pushing it away from the dung pile with its back legs, as quickly as possible.  The strenght and tenacity of these little beetles are amazing as they roll their ball of dung in a straight line over all sorts and sizes of obstacles. Sometimes pushing more than 50 times their body weight up a steep embankment.

Facts credit: http://www.sabisabi.com/wildfacts/dung-beetles

As I watch and capture him with my camera, I am inspired by his determination and perseverance. Lately I have been feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by the amount of difficult circumstances in my life, but the little dung beetle taught something.

If he can push his ball of dung over all the obstacles in his way, to finish the task he was created for, so can I.

If he can persevere untill he reaches his goal, so can I.

If he pushes a load almost 50 times his body weight, because he was designed to be able to do it, I will not be asked to carry or push a load that is bigger than I am able to. 

So when I again feel the dung balls in my life are becoming too big, I will think of you little beetle and push even harder, trusting in the Lord to give me the strenght to finish the task set before me.  

Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ~ Joshua 1:9

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