Something Found, Something Round, Something New.

Scarf or accessory organizer DIY

organizer 2

The two Cocos Palm trees growing in our garden next to the swimming pool are definitely my husband’s pet hate. First the small greenish flowers clog the swimming pool weir, then the seeds follow and eventually the big dry seedpods fall from the tree. I found one of the seed pods before he could throw it away and with his assistance this is what it became.

Something found, from the palm tree

found 2

Something round, bought in a shop in Clarens

deurknoppe 2

How it happened.

  • Clean the seedpod and  let it dry well in the sun.
  • Test the strength of the seedpod by drilling an experimental hole in the corner.
  • Measure the length of the seedpod and determine the position of the doorknobs

prepare 1

  • Cut or saw the seedpod to the desired length.

Saw 1

  • Drill four holes, big enough to fasten the doorknobs equal distances from one another.

Bore 2

  • Fasten the doorknobs leaving enough of the screw to ensure there is hanging space between the knob and the pod surface.

Knob 1

  • Attach to the wall and add scarves or accessories .

The end product: Something new.

organizer 3