These Feet Are Made For Walking

Feet are made for walking and wearing beautiful shoes, but for the past two to three months mine were not co operating with their main purpose in life.

Some of you might have read the blogpost:

Confessions of a Shoeaholic ( 2012/08/23 )  and know that I love shoes.

Shoes a girl's best friend
Shoes a girl’s best friend

For the past two to three months I had to resort to shoes like these  in stead of the ones above!

Green Cross shoes
Green Cross shoes
slippers at home
Slippers at home

Green Cross  Shoes and  horror of horrors slippers at home!

The reason ?

I developed morton’s neuroma in my left foot and  walking was accompanied by excruciating pain. No walking on the treadmill for excercise, no walking in the garden, no wandering through a shopping mall. Even walking to do daily chores and driving my car  became a mountain of pain  to overcome.

So off to the doctor I go. After a round of visits, x rays, sonars and even an MRI scan of the foot the verdict was out : Morton’s neuroma. The only cure an operation to remove it. On Monday this week I had the operation and now I am sitting around at home with strict orders from the doctor not to put weight on the foot and to use crutches to move around. Needless to say I find it very difficult and utterly frustrating.

voet op 2

I look forward to the day when I can resume  wearing beautiful shoes and go about my daily tasks without pain. I even look forward to taking up my walking excercise on the treadmill again ( never thought I would say that ) , but  I do, and start reporting on the progress on Walking Wednesdays.In the meantime I can do my research and decide which part of our country I want to explore when I am ready to walk again.

I also resolve not to take my feet and walking easily for granted again.

Do you ever pause to think about the privilege of being able to go about your everyday activities without pain and struggle?

This experience  has made me more aware of  the importance of caring and appreciating my body and all it can do.

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