Let Sleeping Dogs Lie or Sit ?

‘It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake.’ ( Chaucer, Troylus and Crisedye (1374) )

 The quote above was probably the origin of this idiom which is still used today and means not to perturb a situation which is snoozed for the time being as it could fuel the conditions.   From http://www.dogsdata.com/let-the-sleeping-dogs-lie-the-history-of-proverb.html.
tarzan slaap crop 2

Early Saturday morning.

All is peaceful and quiet as only a Saturday morning can be while the rest of the household is still sleeping.

I am at my computer, when I look out of the window and there he is. The big left behind Boerboel sleeping in his usual strangely contorted position. He actually belongs to a previous resident of the flat on our property who left him with us as he couldn’t find a place for him to stay and gradually he became part of our family.

tarzan slaap crop

He is huge and ugly, but oh so characterful.

On first impressions he appears fearsome and everyone who visits us is scared of him. However on closer encounter he is just a big baby! Thunder storms and rain are the his biggest fears and once he is in the house when it is raining no amount of coaxing or scolding will convince him to leave.

He greets us when we return home with loud barks and joyful galloping like a horse next to the car, trying to put his huge head in through the window, which he can actually do as he is so big. He can be utterly relaxed and then sleeps in these strange positions as illustrated in the pictures.

Tarz slaapI for one, was totally against him  staying with us but now have to confess that he has won me over with his strange mannerisms and small doggy whimpers.

So this sleeping dog is not to be disturbed and stays where he is for the time being.

Tarz sleepy

Don’t you think he just needs a pipe to look like grandpa sitting on the stoep contemplating life?