Scarf Tying How To

It seems my mother was lady of many facets which I am sadly only now uncovering.

Amongst her personal things I found this little booklet on how to tie scarves. No wonder I am addicted to scarves.It seems she was too, as not only did I find the booklet, I also found many beautiful scarves tucked away, which ┬ámy sister and I shared with our daughters. I have no idea how old the little booklet is, but it probably dates from the 1960’s or 70’s.

I share some of the pages in the booklet for you to try.I certainly am going to try them out.

Scarf tying 1

Scarf tying 2

scarf tying 3

Sacrf tying 4

scarf tying 5

scarf tying8

scarf tying 7

scarf tying 9