Minnie Postma Who?


I can hear you asking or thinking who is Minnie Postma?

Why write a blogpost about her?

MP 1


This vibrant piece of weaving has been in my parents’ house and complimented  the colourful blue and rust colours in our lounge over many years.It was bought from the weaver, in this case Minnie Postma, in her then home town of Heidelberg Transvaal.

Having completely forgotten about it and about the origins, I did some research and learnt the following about this remarkable woman.

Minnie Postma was born in the Orange Free State on a farm bordering Lesotho. She grew up speaking the Sesotho language as well as Afrikaans, and as a child she heard many of the folktales and stories of the Basutho people. Her most well known book is Tales from the Basutho which has been translated into English by Susie McDermid.

Tales 2

She wrote more than thirty books for children and adults in Afrikaans and I for one can remember reading books from her “Mientjie” series.

She died in 1980 at the age of 81 years, leaving a legacy of Afrikaans literature which I am going to try and read again.

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