Blog 100

cropped-cropped-violas1.jpg 260 Days, 37  weeks 8.8  months, equals the amount of time that I have been blogging.  

Through the death of both parents, two children leaving home and starting life as young adults, and many happy and  unhappy moments, this new friend purpleviolas, accompanied me on my  journey through life.

Mostly blogging was fun, a way to express myself, to be creative, to communicate thoughts I might never have said out loud. It gave me a way to communicate with children and family who live far away,while at the same time giving them the choice to listen or not to listen.

Today I write the 100th post on my blog and as I saw when doing some research, there has been many blogposts published on why do I blog, what do I want to achieve, where am I going, how to attract more readers, likes, comments, pingbacks and on and on and on. I will not go there.

No to me  blogging is about fun, therefore I am going to celebrate my 100th post with photos, snippets and comments from those blogposts which meant the most to me. So join me for a snapshot of my blog or not if you don’t want to. The choice is yours.

The Start.


 It was an ordinary Wednesday morning at home when I started playing around on my computer and purpleviolas was born.


Venting Frustration.

There were many things to comment on both at work and in my personal life. The one that gave me the most satisfaction was the day I lost my patience with young ” I know everything about anything” colleagues and I wrote the post: The A team: A Plan Can Still come Together ( 25/08/12 )  No one commented and no one liked it , but I vented my frustration and felt better afterwards.

I Like it when a plan con=mes together
I Like it when a plan comes together

The sad moments. 

Then came the sad moments which is inevitable in life and blogging became a way of working through the grief of losing a father and a mother in a short space of time. The post: My Heart is Raining Tears (21 /01/ 13 ) brought great emotional release and helped me on the way to healing.

jew 2

Wood 1

The fun and happy moments.

Thankfully for us human beings, life is not all about pain and sorrow. There were also the fun times such as travelling to Dar es Salaam  to visit our children and having a wonderful family Christmas in Clarens, which led to these posts and photos: The L List Living: Three B’s Boat Bongoyo and Bjaj  (09/11/12)

DSC08008and Far From The Maddening Crowds ( 28/12/12/)

Clarens 1The Keeping busy moments

To my husband’s great frustration and sometimes satisfaction, I often have ideas for DIY projects. Unfortunately I am not very good at the practicalities of the ideas and that is when I need my other half to help. Such a project, which eventually gave us both joy and satisfaction was this one: Something Found, Something Round, SomethingNew ( 04/02/13)

organizer 3

Learning time.

There were the learning moments and for that I thank the Daily Post and Photo Challenges on WordPress. Participating in these challenges and reading the posts taught me lot and  challenged me to stretch myself and look at objects to be photographed in a  new and in depth way.

Some of the photos taken in response to challenges.

D 7

mango 1

In conclusion, blogging has so far been very enriching  experience for me. One that I will continue to have fun with,  learn from and  grow in my personal life. If I have readers and followers, I trust they will find joy, occasionally something to learn from me, maybe a laugh or two and even shed the occasional tear with me.If no one reads my blog, it is also fine, I still enjoy the writing,creativity and the endless possibilities to experiment with.

Now for the next 100 posts!