The L List : Update

One hundred posts gone and time to review.  The first thing that comes to mind is, review the  L List , the one about living, loving, laughing daily.

Coo,c the cat who likes my cat hugging so much that she follows me everywhere
Coco, the cat who likes my cat hugging so much that she follows me everywhere

Here it is as I have written it originally. Now lets see which items I can tick and then what to add.

See Clarens in the Free State in autumn.   Tick April 2012.  Find something to laugh about everyday. Not enough.   Love the Lord  and commune with him everyday. Still working on this one.
See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe again. Smile at the cashier in te grocery store even if I am tired. Not enough  Hold a grandchild in my arms. ( one for my children)
Visit our children In Tanzania.  Tick November 2012. Laugh at life’s small disastersSometimes I get this right needs work though.  Hug someone everyday even if it is the cat.  The cat hugging is going well so much so that she is following me like a shadow. 
Go on a trip with my only sister somewhere in the Cape Winelands.( no children or husbands allowed ) Laugh with others who are having funNot enough. Cultivate old friendships more. I have been seeing old friends and it was great to see them again. 
See the pyramids in Egypt    Love old people even if they are difficult. Both parents died last year thankfully, I have no regrets.
Visit The Serengetti and Ngorogoro. Maybe a little later this year.   See our two youngest children graduate. One of them graduates next week!
Learn to paint.    
Take a photography course.    

Looking back and reviewing the L List, I realised, I lack laughter and fun in my life. The past year has been a difficult one, but I look forward to incorporating more fun and more of my L List wishes in the coming months.

Do you have a living, laughing, loving list?