The L List: Living : Get Up and Do Something !

“You remind me of a meerkat !  Always inquisitive and wanting to know more about everything around you . “

meerkat 2( photo credit Google images )

This is how a friend once long ago described me.

Lately however, many things happened in my life,  that left me feeling emotionally paralized, almost like a hurt animal wanting to crawl into a corner and watch life from the sidelines.

“O don’t be so melodramatic!”  I can hear my mother say.

“Get up and do something.”   

I followed her advice from long ago  and let my fingers do the walking on the internet to fullfill a dream, the dream to visit the Serengeti and Zanzibar before my 60th birthday later this year.

Yes, flight tickets are booked and accommodation  confirmed.

My excitement at the adventure awaiting us knew no bounds when I received an e – mail with these words from Mzale In Stone Town Zanzibar .

Dear Martie,

Now your booking is confirmed because we have received the money in our account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us incase of any changes.

Looking forward to your nice stay.



Thank you Mzale,

I am also looking forward to our nice stay and  can’t wait to meet you and all the other charming and interesting people in your country, see the places, eat the food and see the animals and majesty of creation in the Serengeti.

No more hiding in the corner of life for me, for I have a journey to prepare for.