Who Owns the Animals of the Forest and the Cattle upon a Thousand Hills ?

Psalm 50:10-11

 For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine.

As we drive along the  dirt roads of the Serengeti, observing the endless grassy plains lying all around us the question above and the verse in Psm 50:10-11 repeats itself like a refrain in my mind.

It is day two of our safari and today we entered the Serengeti National Park. At the main gate we saw this plaque on top of a hill overlooking the vast plains beneath. For the first time I understood why the park was named Serengeti   ( endless plains) as the vista seemed to continue forever.

Endless plains name

endless plains kopje

We had barely left the gate and picnic area when we came across a lone cheetah resting in the shade of a tree. He stood up and walked off into the bush with an attitude of supreme confidence seemingly unaware of humans staring at him in awe.

For the next two days we saw many wild animals including large groups of lion elephant and buffalo, but none impressed me and filled me with wonder as the thousands upon thousands of blouwildebeest and zebra gathering together purposefully and with only one goal to start the annual migration across these vast plains in search of water and food.


Initially we saw them in smaller groups of about one to two hundred thousand, milling around, grazing, playfully fighting and with the calves bleating for their mothers.

Rashid our guide told us the animals feed during the day and move at night untill one vast group has formed to start the migration.The wildebeest and zebra migrate together as the wildebeest can smell and find water and the zebra has good sight to see dangers.

On day three as we were on the way to Ngorongoro we came across the main group  ready and allready on the move. What an awesome sight this was. Our guide estimated between one and two million animals together all around us. As far as the eye could see in a 360° radius this group of animals stretched, milling about, bleating, grunting and above all moving purposefully all in the same direction.

endless 5


No photo or video can do justice to this sight and I feel extremely priviledged that I could witness and be a part of this wonder of nature.


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