The Rocky Birthday Present that Rocked!

Its a Rock,

It rocks,

It is breathtakingly beautiful

It is  The Rock Restaurant.

Perched on a lonely outcrop of  coral reef, surrounded by turqouise blue sea and white sands,  it presents an almost surreal picture at first glance.

The R
First glimpse of The Rock through the trees

This is the Rock Restaurant on the Paje stretch of the Zanzibar coast, where our children took us for lunch to celebrate two sixtieth birthdays and all the other birthdays in our group thrown in for good measure too.

We reached the beach travelling down a winding path lined with palm trees past small village homes with children playing outside.

The approaching road

The tide was in and we were ferried to the foot of the restaurant stairs  by a  local  boatsman navigating a small boat with a stick, where a young colourfully clad Masaai waited us in.

rock 4
The boatsman pushing the boat into the surf
rock 2
View from the boat
rock 5
Masaai waiting us in

Once on top of the stairs and in the restaurant, it felt as if we were on a ship somewhere far away from land. Guests were sitting at the tables having lunch in a relaxed atmosphere, while others enjoyed the view from the outside seating area.

rock 8
Outside seating area

We spent a magical few hours here having lunch of mainly freshly caught seafood.

Then came the difficult part.

While we were having lunch, the tide came in and the wind started blowing, covering the stairs halfway up to the restaurant in water.

The waiting boat was being pushed to and fro, now being next to the stairs and the next moment pushed away by the tide. One by one the friendly boatsman directed us with words such as ” wait wait and pole pole, then now”  into the boat.

With lots of encouragement and laughter all made it safely into the boat and to the shore.

rock 3
Stairs under water

The afternoon was an unforgettable experience and a birthday present which will be etched in my memory forever!