The Cat Came Back, The Very Next Day

Paka 1

I was bustling around in the kitchen early one evening, preparing a meal for me and my husband when I heard him the first time. A soft tentative miaau, which I couldn’t place. It didn’t sound like our Siamese cat, whose miaau is  loud and authoratitive as only a Siamese’s miaau can be.

I ignored it and didn’t hear it again untill the next evening when the sound seemed to come from above. Intrigued I went outside and looked around and there he was, a scruffy grey and white cat sitting on the roof, looking at me with those eyes.

I was immediately hooked!

I invited him in, fed him and he left.

Oh well I thought, at least he is not hungry any more.

The very next day he came back again, just like the cat in the song.

This ritual continued for a week. Every night he came for a meal and left again untill the next night. I phoned around in the neighbourhood, enquiring whether any of the neighbours were missing a cat. Many have seen him, but no one claimed him. Most were cross with him for foraging in their kitchens.

Slowly, night after night,  he allowed us to touch him more and more. Then one night he didn’t leave and so he became one of our family.

Now he is firmly entrenched in our house and in our hearts. He follows me around like  a dog, even going for a walk with me in the garden. He sits on my husbands lap when he works on the computer and lavishes us with lots of rubbing and purring. He was named Paka, meaning “cat” in Swahili as he arrived in our lives just after we returned from our trip to Tanzania.

Meet Paka, the cat who came back the very next day!

paka 2