Leopard Spots in a Tree

Leopar print

We came around a bend in the road and stopped abruptly. In front of us were a number of safari vehicles all vying for the best place to give the tourists the best view.

This must be something big and exciting we thought. We asked the nearest tourist who was wielding a camera with a lense as thick, and almost longer than his arms in the direction of a faraway tree, what they saw.

“ A leopard in the tree “ was the excited answer.


Eagerly we tried to spot the leopard. I for one could only see a lone tree far away on the savannah. All of us looked, while helpful tourists in the vehicles next to us directed and chattered excitedly. None of us, including our guide, was convinced that there really was a leopard in the tree.

That night we heard the story of the leopard in the tree repeated at the hotel where we were staying. By that time the tourists not only saw the spots, but magically a tail hanging from the tree joined the story!

Isn’t life just like this?

We see the imagined spots of a leopard.

It might be an illness, an accident waiting to happen or any other calamity waiting in the shadows of life to ambush us and destroy our happiness and wellbeing. In our fallible human mind it immediately becomes a dangerous leopard!


But what if there is no leopard?

Nor a tail hanging from the tree?

Only imagined spots growing bigger in our mind?

Shouldn’t we rather make sure of the facts before declaring it a leopard?

Where is our trust and hope in our Heavenly Father who promised to care for us as he cares for the lillies of the veld? (Matthew 6:28-31) 

Jesus advises us in:

Matthew 6: 34

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

No, I make the choice not to see a leopard if there are only spots in a tree. When and if a leopard does come my way, I will put my trust in God to help me through the leopard attack days.

What about you?