I Have Been Working On My Core


“Certainly we can help you , but you will have to come for an hour of body evaluation. I can give you and appointment tomorrow”,  the very professional young voice said on the other end of the phone.

Tomorrow!  I thought  so soon,  what is a body evaluation?

The mere thought of my body being evaluated by a young person with perfectly toned muscles scares me to death. However I promised myself I will go to a Pilates class as I really need to strengthen my aging  muscles which are failing me more and more causing hip and other joint pains as well as uneccessary falls.

I made my appointment in the middle of the day hoping to avoid the late afternoon rush of young professionals.

The next day feeling very intimidated and old I arrive at the Pilates studio.

Soft music and burning  candles drove  winter cold away.  It however did not disguise the bewildering array of medieval torture looking equipment spaced throughout the studio. My anxiety levels rose, but I kept my pose and faked confidence as I announced myself and filled in a form asking all kinds of questions about health and  fitness  and my motives for being here.

pilates 4

The forms filled in, the instructor welcomed me warmly and soon I was trying my very best to follow her  instructions as my muscle strength and posture were evaluated.

That was six weeks ago.

Since then I have been attending my Pilates class faithfully twice a week.  I learnt about core muscles, glutes, rhomboids, breathing, neutral pelvis and many more new and strange words.

Initially I did not even understand the  simple concept of breathing and became very confused. The co-ordination between breathing in and out while doing the excercises was just too complicated for me and often we had to stop and start all over again.  At times  my poor body felt like a house of cards about to crumble into a thousand pieces, but I kept at it.

Now six weeks later, no more pain in my hips, climbing stairs are again easy and I feel much stronger and confident that I am in control of my body.

I still don’t always understand where the core muscles, forming the powerhouse of the body are and what they are supposed to do, as I like  most of us, am unaware of these very important muscles in the body.

Nevertheless I keep working on my core, in spite of the days when I am plain just sore to the core!

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