Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread

Swimming with dolphins in the sea?


Hmm that is one that I have to think about carefully. Everyone in my family  knows about my longstanding and deep seated fear of small boats or any boat for that matter and the sea.

Now they want me to go swimming in the sea with dolphins?

Eventually, I convinced myself that this is an experience I can not pass only because I am afraid. After all we have to face our fears to  conquer them.

So it came that on the last morning of our stay on Zanzibar, we went swimming with dolphins in Kizimkazi on the southern point of the island. We were told that the dolphins are found in the bay and that it will be the experience of a life time.

And  it was !


On arrival at the small fishing village, those who were brave or foolish enough to attempt swimming with the dolphins were given a pair of flippers and snorkeling goggles. No instructions on the use nor any questions as to whether we new how to use the equipment, were asked.

We were unceremoniously bundled into a small boat and off we were!


The sea was fairly rough and the skies overcast. I thought we would find the dolphins near to the coast, not so. About a half an hour away from the coast, surrounded by deep sea and quite high swells, we spotted them.


“Flippers on! Right side jump!  Look down!” The guide shouted

Totally confused not one of us made it into the water the first time. We saw the dolphins though, swimming and playing in the water right next to he boat.


Then they were gone and we were off, chasing after the school and found them again. This time it was:

“Flippers on! Left side jump! look down look down!

Some of us made it into he water but I was way too slow. Only on the third attempt did I make it into the water and then I was so scared I couldn’t look down. I was just concentrating on staying alive. The feeling of swimming in the deep sea with the dolphins, although I only saw them from the boat, was at the same time exhilarating and fearsome.


The dolphins seemed to enjoy the company , they swam and jumped out of the water as if putting on a show for our benefit.   Their size and agility in the water was awesome to observe and the nearness an experience never to be forgotten



dolphin 7

After finding more than one school of dolphins and spending about one and a half hours on the water, we headed back to the shore.

Will I do it again? I doubt it.

After all fools rush in only once don’t they?