The Grey Debate

salt and pepperTen reasons to go grey

Five tips to go grey gracefully

Embracing shades of grey

Why it is considered brave to go grey

These are all words screaming at me from trusty and sometimes not so trusty friend Google when I dared to type in the search words “going grey”.

So the debate started.

Shall I take the plunge and stop colouring my hair or shall I keep on colouring it for another few years.

When I announced my intentions, reactions varied from my husband’s shocked face and won’t you look very old question, to others encouraging me and some being straight forward saying are you mad and never!

In my own mind I had many doubts.

On the negative side.

Growing grey is:

  • Acknowledging the  passing years and the end of a certain image of myself as  a brunette.
  • Acknowledging and embracing the late middle years.
  • Facing the fact that age is creeping up on me.
  • Facing the fact that a career might be coming to an end.
  • Facing the fact of grey hair up till now sucessfully camouflaged.

On the positive side

Growing grey is:

  •  No more sitting at the hairdresser with itching scalp and burning eyes, while waiting for the process to be complete.
  •  No more squinting at a months old magazine because I can’t wear my glasses,too scared they will also be coloured or damaged by the chemicals used in the process.
  •  Saving the money spent on expensive hair colours and salon visits.
  • Giving the cashier at the check out reason to call me  mannie, tannie or ouma.
  • An opportunity to change the colours I wear to suit the new hair.
  • Joining the sophisticated ranks of the silver foxes.

Back and forth I went in my mind untill a visit to the salon for a cut and maybe another colour. The young hairstylist  examined my hair and declared she will not colour it again  as according to her the grey growing out will be a beautiful salt and pepper and why bother if you can have natural silver highlights.

grey 1Now here I am three months into the transition process and it is beginning to show. I still have my doubts, but would rather do it now than later when the change will be even more drastic. After all I can always go the colour route again.

What do you think?